About the Author

Author Abbas Kazerooni is currently at law school in San Diego where he resides. He has a BA in English Literature with theatre and performance and also attended the London Academy of Performing Arts where he studies classical acting. Kazerooni has been a professional actor and writer (of screenplays) for 5 years before attending California Western School of Law. He has acted in films, theatre and radio plays. Most recently he appeared on TNT on “The Grid” and on HBO in “The Hamburg Cell.” Currently he is in pre-production for an up coming feature to be shot in the summer 2006 and the sequel to The Little Man.


11 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. Mayra Janette De Hoyos Bass Says:

    Abbas is the most admirable person I know. A ture inspiration….

  2. Delphine Says:

    I’ve had this story “live” but still, I cannot wait to read the book.
    A generous and wonderful man who has kept on trying and who is now being rewarded for that. All the best for your book Abbas…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow Abbas I can not wait to read your book. We havn´t seen each other for years, but your great personality is still precent. I wish you the best. I am very impressed about the story…

    HUGS and KISSES from Germany

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Abbas, I know few folks that have a very similar story to yours. I wish you luck. What happened to your parents and the rest of your family ?



  5. Anonymous Says:

    abbas jan salam
    dastane zendegiye to shayad dastane besyari az iranian bashad ke be neveshte dar nayamade.
    hokoomate palide mollaha 120000 nafar az behtarin Iranian ra edam kard,dar miane a’nha hatta bachehaye 9 -10 sale ham dide mishavad.che khoob shod ke gooshe ei az in dastane haghighiye mardome Iran tavasote to be soorate neveshte dar a’mad.kheli doost daram ke bedanam sarneveshte pedar va madarat be koja resid?
    bi sabrane montazere ketabat hastam,omidvaram dar zendegi movafagh va pirooz bashi,hargez pedar va madar ra faramoosh nakon,va hamishe be khater dashte bash ke a’nha dar Iran dochare che sakhtihaei shodand.dastane zendegiye to dastane zendegiye hezaran khanevadeye Iranist ke shayad hichkas hatta az koshte shodane a’nha tavasote mollaha ba khabar nashod.abbas jan emrooz hokomate mollaha hatta talash mikonad ke goorhaye koshte shodegan ra niz az beyn bebarad ta hich asari az a’nha baghi namanad,albatte in karist ke hameye dictatorhaye jahan talash mikonand ke anjam dahand amma hargez movafagh nakhahand shod.
    barayat a’rezooye behtarinha ra daram.

  6. Shahram Says:

    Salam..Man esman shahram ast va man rheili norohat shodam dishab to ye TV khe chi shode bud.. man rheli doost doram ke zudi ketobe shomoro bekhunam. I WISH YOU THE BEST..


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Shahram Jaan,
    Motchakeram…omid varam ke sho koshetoon biad az ketabe man. Age sali or chazi darin, lotfan emial bezanin. abbas.kazerooni@gmail.com

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr. Abbas Kazerouni,
    I have watched your interview woith Mr. Negahban and Dr. Marjon Hedayet. I am interested in purchasing 10 books from you (I will use them for Nooroz present). On another matter, I like to know if you are interested in helping me with Editting a memoire? It is a story which will represent the other end of the age group spectrum who were affected by revolution. If you have some interest, please call my office @858-450-9990 or my cell858-603-0236
    lookingforward to hearing from you soon
    Nikou Hessami
    Molecular Diagnostic Services

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr.Abbas Kazerooni
    I’ve just watched interview with Mrs.Mandana Shabkhiz and Mrs.Jinus Hakkak when you spoke a little about yourself and about your book.
    Actually I live in Europe but I couldn’t get your book anyhow and as I’m a student I don’t have a credit card yet.
    Now I’m on a short trip in Dubai and as I know there are so many Iranians here.I was wondering whether there is a possibility to get your book in Dubai or what?
    I’ll look forward to hear from you.
    Kind regards,

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Allen,
    I am not sure whether you can buy my book from Dubai. Currently I do not think so. I apologise that you cannot get it from abroad without a credit card. Perhaps you can pay teh cash to a friend with a credit card and you can but it from Amazon.com.
    Best Reagards,

  11. Kyleellen Says:

    You are a very impressive young man. I have ordered the book after crossing paths with you at the local coffeehouse and look forward to reading your book. My greatest respect for you and your positive attitude.You are a inspiration to me already. Sincerely and with best wishes always, Ln (Ellen) St. Peter

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