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The Little Man

November 21, 2005

A Brief Synopsis of
“The Little Man – Based Upon a True Story…”

This is the first half of a story of a seven year old boy who was forced into leaving his homeland at that tender age. It is set in the mid 1980s amidst the peak of the Iran-Iraq War.

The protagonist Abbas is forced into escaping to Turkey by himself in order to try and get to the West. At seven Abbas had to try and live in the worst parts of Istanbul while he tried to find his bearings. He had to learn how to be independent. He lived there alone for almost four months whilst trying to obtain a British visa. He did this in order to avoid being drafted into the army at a young age (like so many Iranians were). His parents did not want their son to die.

Therefore Abbas lived alone, worked three jobs and overcame what were huge odds in achieving his goal of getting a British Student Visa. Amongst his trials and tribulations were attacks and manipulations by those who he lived amongst. He almost lost his life.

This is a story of hope, determination and truly a sign that demonstrates that anything is possible if one has courage, will and true determination.


About the Author

November 21, 2005

Author Abbas Kazerooni is currently at law school in San Diego where he resides. He has a BA in English Literature with theatre and performance and also attended the London Academy of Performing Arts where he studies classical acting. Kazerooni has been a professional actor and writer (of screenplays) for 5 years before attending California Western School of Law. He has acted in films, theatre and radio plays. Most recently he appeared on TNT on “The Grid” and on HBO in “The Hamburg Cell.” Currently he is in pre-production for an up coming feature to be shot in the summer 2006 and the sequel to The Little Man.